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I feel the need to show off


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Nice collection, not trying to sound like a broken record with it but it is pretty nice.


Hell, It's about time!
Pro, you should shave the firing pin on your AK and make it fully auto. You seem like a responsible fellow that only uses it at a range, anyway. Why not waste rounds faster?
2 words... government bureaucracy. :mad: If I got caught It'd be like 25 years in prison...

Believe me I'd love to, but the hassle is too much. I could do it legally, but I'd have to find a class 3 dealer to modify it, and there are only a handful nationwide. Two are in Pennsylvania that I know of. Then after you find the dealer and item (Pre-1986 machine guns, suppresors, sawed off shotguns, rocket launchers, grenades etc...) you have to fill out a stack of paper work, send it to the ATF with fingerprints, passport sized photos and a $200 dollar tax. They sift thru your life and send you back a stamp of approval a few weeks or months later. Then your sheriff has to sign off on it acknowledging that you have it in the county. Transportation is very restricted, and most ranges don't allow full-auto. Anyway once you get the stamp you take it back to the class 3 dealer and then you can have the modifications done (or buy another class 3 item). Anytime you want a class 3 item you have to do all this crap over again. It's not a blanket stamp, most people don't even bother. Just to think they want to do this to all guns :shake:

And the anti-gunners say it is too easy to get a machinegun :lol:
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No offense dude, but I REALLY want someone to try to rob you and film themselves trying...

Ass- "Dude, look at this guy's shit! It's gonna look so good in my den!"

Gun- *click*

Pro- "Ahem..."

Ass- "Oh look, its a cute little handgun!"


Ass- "Fuck..."

If someone trys to rob you and you fuck their shit up, GF needs to be the second to know (after the cops).


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OK, no offense but i think you may have gotten a few too many guns. Honestly I think I see oh about five or so snipers. In my mind I think that all you need is one of each type of gun. But don't kill me for saying this.


Sally Twit
Aw they have their own bed, how lovely. Do you sleep with them at night? Your wife must be jealous.


Hell, It's about time!
This is my newest bad-boy and a few more additions since October of last year.

1911 .45

My M4A1... For the zombies :sick:

SKS... and my toe.



Living on the 0th floor
I like your toe the best.

No seriously the M4A1 is sick! That is a really nice collection though. I am impressed