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I feel sorry for the newbies.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I don't know why and don't care a chuff, but maybe it's a Halloweeny thingy?
For me I've got to say, and I don't hold it against anyone, especially Tucker :wub:, but it does kinda highlight the clique.

Feel free to correct me, I wont take offence. ;)
It's a thread in the VIP forum. Rattie, I suggest you upgrade your account to VIP so you don't feel left out (how's that for recruitment, :hah:). The others just randomly changed their avatars seeing others have done it. You could have done it too with someone else if you chose to. It's not exclusive.


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I can't upgrade, I'm extremely skint. :cry:

But I don't feel so bad now, thanks. :lol:


still nobody's bitch
dammit, tucker is on the west coast so there will be two jeanies for the next couple of hours.



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I dont feel sorry for newbs.

Not in the least.


Boom Boom Pow!


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how come you dont feel sorry for them, not that im saying you should, just asking why :)
Everyone is a newb at one point or another. They go through the same or similar situations from veteran members no matter what.

I treat all members the same until they earn my respect...

I am completely against pampering newbs...


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I never went through anything like this, with large numbers of people switching avatars (and sometimes sigs) when I was new.

And it's not like anyone's saying we should pamper them - just that they might be confused.


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how come you dont feel sorry for them, not that im saying you should, just asking why :)
Swiftstrike is a poo bum and a rotter!
He's equally horrible to everyone from what I've seen but can be bloody funny too.
Expect a nasty and if you get a humerous twist, BONUS! ;)

...............now he's gonna pick on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :(