I dont't wanna kiss lol

My and this girl are really good friends, but shes quite into me thou, and i prefer to be just friends... She wants to kiss me thou, when she gets the chance which seems to be quiet often lately...i wouldnt mind except that i have a lip piercing and i donno if maybe it can get infected if i do kiss her, i donno if she has anything i cant see signs that she would have an std of sorts... is it too rude to reject her or should i just do it?.. donno if using my piercing is a lame excuse thou, cuz we do get close.. lol stupid i know, but unsure:rolleyes:


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If you want to remain friends then you don't need to try to justify why you wouldn't kiss her. The worst thing in the world is to lead someone on when you know it won't work. Muster up the courage and tell her that you want to keep it a friendship.


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If she's not getting the message that you prefer to remain friends and nothing more, then kissing her would be a bad idea (std or not). So instead of making excuses, just be honest about how you feel regarding your relationship.


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Yeah, if you kiss her then it's leading her on. She will think there's something there when really there isn't. You need to let her down gently, but you need to do it sooner rather than later. The longer you leave it, the more hurt she will be that you weren't honest from the start. Don't lie about it and use that stupid lip piercing as the reason.


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Don't be a pussy. If you don't want to kiss her, slap her right across the mouth. If you do want to kiss her, the lip piercing isn't going to pick up any STD's.


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Okay, the lip pierce excuse is the shittest one I've ever heard, you are scared that you are going to lose her friendship if you reject her. I suggest you don't kiss her if you don't want to be in a relationship with her, sit down and have a talk with her, do it gently, nothing really big, because she might get upset or whatever. You need to be honest with her.


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i donno if she has anything i cant see signs that she would have an std of sorts
How old are you and what are the signs?

How old is she?

Have you talked to her about it?