I don't usually do this..


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Yesterday I was out with my mate and he told me how his brother got a girlfriend and his brother called us to come over so we went and she was there.

When I walked in, and saw her, my heart melted, she is a very gorgeous girl and what she is doing with him I have no idea.

As hours passed, I got used to her and she was always hugging me and touching me when he wasn't there. She always was outside with me and didn't want to go back inside with her boyfriend. She asked for my number and everything and I gave it to her. I got home and she already added me on MSN.

We talked for a bit, and all she was saying that she wants to be with me and wants to dump him for me.

I feel crap about the whole situation, me and this bloke are really close.
Yeah, she can't be all that great if she's willing to treat her current boyfriend like that. If you and him are really close I say forget it..


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One option: you can tell her that you don't want to see them break up over you and then back off a little bit. Their thing can run its natural course and there's no stain on your hands.


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If you're that close with the guy, I'd let him know about it honestly. One of those situations where you gotta tell him "look... your girlfriend is a floozy" and let him know about her being all over you. But I agree with Tucker, this is the type of situation where if you're that close with him.... let him know and save him from the screwed up situation. Because you never know how many other guys she may be screwing off with on the side if she was that willing and confident to go after you, know what I mean?

he'll either A) be pissed at you for letting it happen or B) happy you told him so he can talk to her about it.

worst case scenario, she'll hate you but you're friend will be saved.
best case scenario, he'll dump her you may get to wet your proverbial beak in her situation.
It seems she will go for any guy she meets, even if means breaking the current relantionship. You'll be couple till the next guy comes along. It's your call though


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Two things here:

1. He'll never talk to you again if you do this.
2. Based on her character so far, chances are she'll date you for a bit and then dump you for the next guy just like she is planning to do now with your friend.

You don't want somebody who sneaks around like that. You think this is a one time thing and that she has never done this in the past and will never do it again? Think again. The fact that she was hugging you while dating another guy shows that she clearly has very little self control and that she doesn't mind the fact that he'll find out sooner or later. She also won't mind when you find out about the next guy.


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A) You tell him, you tell him or I'll smack you

b) once their broken up, Man Law dictates you must wait at least two weeks before engaging in anything considered outisde of "friendship" with said female.

c) buy your dude a beer and let him know you still got his back, but its your turn to step up.


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Mate, if you've only jusy met the chick and she's done all of what you said...................RUN!!!.......run away in the other direction.

If she wants you that quickly when she's already got a boyfriend who happens to be a good mate of yours, her moral and emotional compass is really fucked up...

Or, the other option is she's testing you to see how loyal you are to your mate....or even worse again, your mates testing you...

You tell him, you tell him or I'll smack you
lmao...also what he said