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I Don't Like Music...


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I didn't put this in the 'Music' section because it seemed more like a personal issue.

I used to love all kinds of music from old school gangsta rap to hardcore metal and everything in between. Over the past few years I've put near $3,000 in stereo equipment in my cars and I loved every second of it. However, recently I've tried to get into some new bands or whatever and try to expand my horizons...Well, it hasn't worked out, everything I hear just seems like noise that I've heard before. Now, I don't even find enjoyment in the music I used to like, preferring silence most of the time.

Now, I find this as odd because of all the people who say that 'music is life' and all sorts of things like that. Am I the only one who just doesn't have much interest in music?


A Darker Knight
I know I find myself getting sick of music I'm currently listening to a lot. Right now, I just have my entire iTunes on shuffle as opposed to listening to certain playlists. More often than not I land on an old song and I find it enjoyable again.

It's hard to expand your music tastes and find new stuff you like. Maybe some silence would do you some good. The radio gets a lot of hate, but I prefer to listen to the radio when I'm in the car as opposed to my ipod because the songs are usually different and I can get a feel for what's new or popular.


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I'm kind of the opposite, I used to not really like or be interested in music at all, until I realized I was just listening to what my friends like and not exploring my own tastes. Now that I know what I like, I love it. Except, I do also get the days/weeks where I can't be bothered with it and prefer the silence, like you.

Does it concern you? How long has it been like this? Could just be a phase you'll move on from eventually.
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I love music, I am not a huge fan of the new music today, but I like to try and find some "new" songs from the 70's, 80's that I haven't heard before. I think music from the past is so much more enjoyable then what we have today.

I don't think music is my life, but I wouldn't be able to get rid of it of my completely.


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Does it concern you? How long has it been like this? Could just be a phase you'll move on from eventually.
It does slightly concern me because it seems like a natural, human thing to enjoy music. I am hoping that it is a phase because I truly did enjoy music at one point and I feel a little piece sort of missing from myself. I think that, like some of you said, I'm just burnt out and I need to be a little more creative with the musical exploration that I do; perhaps it's time to get back to my old-school Daft Punk and Ratatat roots.


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At times i feel fatiguedhearing music , putting my head set on.
Although it doesn't mean dat I hate music , but anything beyond
the limit is hectic.


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It sounds to me like you're just going through a faze where you're bored with your old music and haven't found anything else that's satisified you. I get like this sometimes, it's usually a temporary frustration that works itself out once I hear something that excites me again.

I dislike pretty much all sports... now that makes me weired :lol:


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Am I the only one who just doesn't have much interest in music?
Nah, you're just fallen out with music. Everyone has their own opinion about music and I know plenty of people who don't listen to music.

You're in the same boat as people who don't like sports, video games, television, and so on. Good for you for being an individual.


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Try pandora radio, that helped me when I felt my music was getting stale.