I dont have many friends..... I keep to myself.

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]I am new to this forum so be nice to me [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]I recently moved to Dallas, I am Single and struggling to find where people hang out, how do people make connections. I am in my 30s, so not really looking for anything crazy, just regular, fun, normal people to connect with. [/FONT]

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You sad lonely person.

I'm kidding! Welcome, welcome. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy yourself in this lunatic asylum-I mean, forum. :D

You just have to get out there and meet people, theres no other realistic way to do it really! Get yourself to a bar and introduce yourself to anyone, with a little dutch courage first maybe. If anyone queries as to why you're alone just say your mates moved on to another bar or something.


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Welcome to the forum.

You should try a new hobby that involves other people. Like a group of some sort like a book club or even do something like a cooking/art/anything you want class. Or maybe a team sport, that will get you talking to some new people and will hopefully expand your social circle.


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Maybe a lonely hearts column would be the best way to go, or local internet chat rooms etc. It's easy to meet people that feel the same as you. We can't all be outgoing and confident.

I'm sure you'll find Mrs. Right eventually.

Welcome to GF.


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There are tons of social groups in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Not sure exactly where you are in the metroplex, but there are several available. Do an online search for social groups and the name of the city you're in.


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1. Find a bar
2. Buy a few drinks
3. Repeat 1&2 until you meet people.
4. Profit??

Seriously though, start with bars and just meet people. I'm sure you'll find some people.


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I was just in Dallas this weekend and I can't stop thinking about what a great city that is. I can easily see us moving there one day. mmmmm...Dickey's BBQ. $2.99 for a BBQ sandwich. Sweet tea and green beans. Man, I love Dallas.

If I was you, I would put a listing on craigslist. Just saying this is what I'm interested in, would anyone like to go hang out somewhere, go see King Tut, etc.. CL seems like a great resource to meet people.
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