I do Hoaxes. Who Else?




I often wondered where Tails was in that game.

Yes. Yes it is.

"I think Sonic and his crew must all have this superpower which makes them immune to motion sickess, g-force stress and falls from high places."


A hoax is taking a screenshot of your favorite game/movie/TV Show/whatever and adding something that shouldn't be there.


I'd start simple, and work up. But that's just me. If you can do a Halo 2 screen and make it look good, be my guest. I know I can't... yet.
well i am pretty nice when it comes to photo manipulating...i bet i could get some famous actor to blend right in with chief and the marines. lol


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Lmao when I look at the tails one :D Well it's mystery solved what he was doing that entire time >>;

Stealth u might have some truth there with the third one, The average game character would have lost a life or something if they fell from that kind of height or worse this: x_x. But hey it does come to an advantage though!^_^

Hmm...what does the banana one mean anyway? Well on a different matter I give these all an 8/10. I think my day has lightened up some from looking at these lol


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Those are pretty kool but a little to simple. But I know that your just starting. Keep practicing and I am sure you'll become better.
I though about doing this one time but then I did not because ummmm I fogot lol.

I will also try doing one of these I was thinking about a mario one.