I Didn't Know that Trolls were THIS Bad...

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Wade8813, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Wade8813

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    Wow. E-mailing grieving families you don't even know just for the purpose of tormenting them? I mean, it's one thing if someone says something on the internet, and you decide to be mean and derail things, or make snarky comments. But you have to go out of your way to do that.

  2. DaBeav825

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    yea i would say that is pretty messed up. i remember when my grandma passed and we had a bill collecter call and tell my mom she really didn't give a shit that my grandma was dead and that they needed the money for her bill. it was like two days after she died. the girl told my mom how her family was able to pay her grandmas bills and make my mom feel like total shit... people who do this are going to get it in the end.
  3. fractal

    fractal Eye see what you did ther

    I don't see the problem. It's the internet. Only an idiot would take the words of a random person seriously. It's not like it was said to the face, and if it you're too emotional, you can simply choose not to read it.
  4. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    Fractal, this is different than someone saying 'hurhur, your a loser' on some forum. These people died, and these jerkwads are sending nasty messages to the grieving parents. After your kid just died, that's the last thing you wanna see, and these people do it with no remorse. That's just sick. And it's hard to just ignore that kind of stuff.
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  5. Stegosaurus

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    I agree with Smel--it is not quite as simple as shrugging something off. Even our legal system recognizes the difference between free speech and something that constitutes "clear and present danger"--hence the legal clause with the same name. I usually subscribe to the, "if you do not like it, then just look away," but there is a limit where something counts as harassment and can be measurably damaging.
  6. fractal

    fractal Eye see what you did ther

    There is no doubt that these people have no honour and are quite low to attack people when they are vulnerable. I understand that the damage that can be done is incalculable, but it's very easy to ignore the message after reading just the first few words. There are several ways to counter this problem: Block the sender, avoid sites that allow anonymous comments. In case it's email, you can report it to the police, but then again it's all too easy to send an anonymous mail. It basically boils down to the fact that nothing can be done about it. Instead of hopelessly lamenting on the nature of these twisted people, it's far better to try to ignore them. I'm sure that this news clip made the trolls very happy, and I believe it was quite a stupid decision for the media to feed the trolls. Of course, one might consider media to be a troll of another kind.
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  7. Sigurd

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    That pisses me off right there, anyone who thinks that it is funny to laugh at someone dying in a horrific way just deserves to die in my honest opinion. The fact that they are messaging the grieving parents and telling them such utterly cruel and mean things about them and the person that died is just sickening. It makes me wonder what has become of people.
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  8. anmracing

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    F'n trolls!!! How can anyone bring themselves to do such mean hearted things like that. It's horrible!
  9. Critter

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    how you not see the problem? it hurts people its tend to hurt people eomationally and scare them for life. its not just random people did you even listen to the video?
  10. anmracing

    anmracing Registered Member

    As much as I hate to admit it, I have to drink the kool-aide and agree with critter on this one...... This is hateful, just downright mean. They make a special page to let people remember a loved one and they write sick, twisted crap to hurt the loved ones. It may not be to their face but it is disturbing. And what about the group that made the kid kill herself. Even after death they tried to humilate her and her family. Sick bastards!!!

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