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Rant I couldn't care less vs. I could care less


Secret Agent
Staff member
It bugs me when people say "I could care less". The correct saying is "I couldn't care less", meaning you lack the ability to care any less than you currently do. If you could care less, then go ahead and do it already. :)

Anybody else bugged by people butchering this phrase or other common phrases?


Sally Twit
It doesn't annoy me, but it makes me laugh because people sound stupid. If you aren't able to use the correct phrase, don't try and use it to seem intelligent.

Someone I work with says, "To be quite truthful" all the time and that makes me cringe a bit.


still nobody's bitch
Yes, that one really bugs me.

Also, my boss says "in that same token" :shifteyes:


Registered Member
Oddly enough, it doesn't really bother me. I mean I'm okay with what people say as long as the point they are/were trying to get across makes sense and is easily understood.


I've always said "couldn't" but it doesn't bug me when people say could.

The only thing that REALLY bugs me is when people say "you'se". As in "Hey youse kids get off the lawn" or "What are youse talking about?". That shit drives me INSANE. I think it's an Australian bogan thing, I don't even know if lower class people from other countries do it to.


It's not me, it's you.
I would say I used the wrong use of this until about 5 years ago. Once it was brought to my attention, it started to annoy me when other people said it wrong. You would think I would care less, since I used it wrong myself. However, I like to blame said people for not saying it correctly, thus causing me to always hear it incorrectly, thus making me say it incorrectly.


I could care less, honestly. People are stupid. They fuck up anything & everything. Why let it bother me?


I've always been bothered by the nonsense "I could care less". When I first heard of it/ read it I got confused because I knew that "I couldn't" was the right way.
At times I would get pissed, just like I'd get pissed with people who use "I could of" instead of "I could have ..".
It's the same nonsense.


Free Spirit
Staff member
It really doesn't bother me as long as I understand the point they are trying to make. I have more of a problem with people that use slang or you need an urban dictionary to understand them.