I changed my avatar


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What do you think? I got tired of good ol' Al being up there. Might change it back to him sometime, though. Don't know how I like this one yet.
Also, Dahmer is leveling up quite nicely. I'm leaving him at level twelve for today. Not bad. A dozen levels on the first day.

Also, her stats as follows:
Health: 35/795
Strength: 464
Defense: 268
Agility: 375
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i think the old one was better, but thats cause i was new to it and it seemed fresh, but you probably had it for awhile

...I bet this one played scrabble all the time


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Vague, odd and black n white... Works but I still like the ava from your sig the best.
I demand you change back to him.. :stare:
And how the hell did you get a breeded drag2 without having to hatch it?
I smell some BS in the works here...
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I'm not sure if I saw the old one, but this one reminds me of an ultrasound picture that you take of a baby. That doesn't mean that I don't like it, but it doesn't mean that I like it either...


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that's weird, i was just thinking about your avatar this morning. i liked the one you originally had, the one I first PM'd you about. the demon-looking thing.


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I remember the demon thing. That one was cool. But the sized down version of it didn't do it any justice. I can't remember who it was that made it or where I found it but I wish I could find it again.

I'll probably change this avatar after halloween. Maybe I'll do a seasonal themed avatar from now on. Or until I forget.