PlayStation 3 I caved in


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and bought a PS3.

I paid off Arkham Asylum so I'm dying for that. Outside of Resistance, Killzone and Little Big Planet, what can you suggest for available games?

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Well, Uncharted 1 is very good, you should also get MGS4, warhawk and fat rpincess, they are all at a good price now.

Also infamous and valkyria chronicles, or ninja gaiden sigma if you havent already played the xbox one


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I have Uncharted, didn't play it yet though.

I saw Valkyria Chronicles but I didn't read any reviews yet. It looked good. I think I may wait for Sigma 2. Fat Princess looks meh to me.

Any other decent RPGs?


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Well Eternal sonata is multi, but the ps3 version has nice bonus and more replay value, Valkyria chronicles has great reviews, its a very solid game, i would check gametrailers video review so you can take a look at the gameplay.

You have Disgaea, but i had the impression you didn't like it very much... You also have Cross edge which is also a japanese hardcore rpg.

Most ps3 rpg's are japanese only, at least for now:

Atelier Rorona
3D dot game heroes
Agarest: Generations of war
Agarest: Senki zero

You can see some of them on this list for the American relsease
The Official PlayStation 3 Exclusives list... on

This fall we will get those plus White knight chronicles, Demon souls and Heavy Rain.

If you don't mind importing Demon souls is a great game and it comes with english menus and subtitles, or you can wait for the NA release this fall- check out gametrailers for some gameplay videos ^^

I think you also have some Psn Rpg titles, but i haven't looked them up.
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Eternal Sonata got really boring really quickly when I had it on 360.

Heavy Rain looks okay, the only game I'm really craving is God of War III.


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Presuming you got a ps3 for its exclusives thie year's winter and 2010 will be very good.

Uncharted 2
Sigma 2
Mod nation racers ( its like LPB, only with cars)
The last guardian
God of war 3
Dead nation
Final fantasy versus XIII
Trine (this one i believe its coming also for xbla)
Plus the ones i mentioned above like Demons soul and whte knight chronicles.

Those are my recomendations for future buys.
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MAG is one I was thinking of, I just couldn't remember what it was called. Hopefully it's as epic as everyone thinks it's going to be.


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I don't know of any good games for the PS3 yet but I plan to get one in the near future as well, mostly for Blu-Ray capabilities and Gran Tourismo 5 (not yet out yet though).

Good move on your part. There are way too many Xbox 360 fanboys these days. The last thing the world needed was another one. :lol: