I Can't Remeber the Name of this GAME (First Person shooter)

I'm looking for a game for the PC and I have no clue what it is called. I wanna say its made by Eidos, but I'm not positive. I remeber one of the very first screens shows who made the game and the logo looks like a little guy with crazy hair and he does this funny little laugh. I almost wanna say it has the words Voodoo in it or something like.

As far as the actual game its a first person shooter. Its kind of like Doom just a little bit better as far as graphics. You atsrt off with a knife and it takes place in Egypt I believe. I know you can get a blow torch and you fight against little bugs and mummies. You have to solve certain puzzles to open doors and get out of each level.

I had this game as a demo, and I got it free with PC Gamer magazine. That is pretty much all I can remember so if anyone has any type help, that would help...........Thanks


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Interesting.. I think the Voodoo you saw might have been your graphics card? There is a company called Voodoo PC that makes high end gaming cards and computers.

As for the game, I don't know if I've played any first person shooters with that description. Maybe someone else here will know.
I know for sure it has nothing to do with the Voodoo Graphic card, but do you know of any Logo that might have a weird looking guy with spikey wild hair and makes a crazy laugh??? If i can find the company that made the game I'm sure I will be able to find the title :cool:
I'm not sure if it was Serious Sam ......... it was made around 2000 i believe

Does anyone have any idea on what Company would have a logo like I described............. it was game that had different weapons and you could swim where there was water.........it also had a end boss guy at the end of the demo(which was like 7 levels long)..... He was this big dragon like guy where fire would be coming out at you.........hope this helps
I found the game ....Its called Powerslave and its made by Lobotomy
It took some major research and remembering but thats the one :)