I can't get on chat


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i had the same issue but after browser cache clear and re-entering log in details i got in fine, however this could just have been sheer coincidence


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Was it already full? Currently if there are 5 or more people in there, you can't get in. Something to do with licensing...I think?


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It says there were 2 people in there earlier and it wouldn't let me in.


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:dunno: I don't set the rules, I just break 'em. Sometimes I have trouble getting in with five people, other times I can get in when there's more no sweat. Brixy's the only one who can tell us it's exact limitations. :popcorn:


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Brixy only got a trial, as far as I know. It was only fixed for a month or two. :lol:
Yeah. It's going to cost me some bread to get the actual license. The main reason I didn't buy it yet:

1. It's a few thousand dollars
2. I had a few server problems come up while running it. I'd like to get that ironed out with Adobe before actually paying them money, let alone a lot of money.

I'll probably be able to get another demo soon though since I had problems last time. They can't really deny it since they are aware of the problems I reported last time. They never fixed them either as far as I know so I'll just wait a bit longer for the next version to come out and then get another trial.