I can't come into work today because


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I haven't been able to do it, being in the army they still make you go to work even if your sick and will just put you on light duty. If you are really sick you are either in hospital or the doctor will let you go home early lol.


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I've never come up with a good excuse. I've called off sick a few times when I wasn't actually, but not since I've been with the company I'm with now. In the last three years I've missed fewer days than I would miss in a single month at my last job.

However, one of my coworkers told us his dad had a heart attack and he wouldn't be in. We're a pretty tight group so naturally we told him to take care of business and let us know if he needs anything. When we tried to call him the next day to see what was up, his mom answered and we asked her how his dad was. She said "...just fine..Why?" which we thought was odd. She put him on the phone and he said "No, it wasn't my dad. I thought they said my dad, but really it was my uncle." Yeah. Right. What a jerk...