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I can't come into work today because


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So what pathetic or genius excuses have you guys come up with to get some time off work? We have all done it.


Son of Liberty
No we all haven't. The only days of work I've ever missed was the Friday my grandmother passed away and the following Monday for her funeral. Although technically we have like up to 5 bereavement days so I didn't call in sick necessarily, I just took two of those days.


Creeping On You
I couldn't stand to work a whole month without at least taking one day off. I go insane. Thankfully I earn holiday pay and so I take one paid holiday off each month. Otherwise, I just call in sick, and say I'm sick.


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My job has PTO (Paid-Time Off) and LWOP (Leave Without Pay). I take advantage of both, usually LWOP because I use all my PTO.

I've called off twice while working at my current jobs, both times being because the winter was really bad so I haven't called off since December. The first time was because we had an ice storm where you could not drive a vehicle on the road because the ice was about 2 inches thick.. the 2nd time was the next day after a snow storm, the car wouldn't start.


Son of Liberty
nope cant say I've ever made a BS excuse to avoid work. I have however left work when my astigmatism inspired headaches start flaring up. But other than that I've basically dedicated my early work life to spectacular attendance so that in the coming months/years I have free run to take them off for wedding, honeymoon, child birth, etc.

I've worked for the same company (my families company) for more than 8 years.... I've never missed a day of work or taken a vacation day in my life, the only time I get 3-day weekends is on Nationally Recognized holidays.


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I never come up with a false excuse to miss work. I only miss work when I am actually sick (which is very rare) or if something comes up that I cannot change dates with.


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No we all haven't (I agree CO)

I've only ever called in sick when I was actually sick.

Other than that if I don't want to work I have to find somebody to cover my shift.

I've never not even one single time used an excuse to get out of work.


Hell, It's about time!
On a moments notice I use "My kids are sick". Works every time... Just don't abuse it otherwise they catch on. I'm not one to call off, but in the rare occasion that I do for whatever reason, this is the one I use.

Generally though my boss is cool. I'll tell him strait up I'd like to request off for hunting season/gun show/political rally etc... and as long as I give enough notice and use my leave time he could care less if I want a day off.

Today I happened to score the day after Labor Day off so I can have a 4 day weekend. He was cool with it :)
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Sally Twit
"I can't come in to work today because I've locked myself IN." True story. The lock decided to break when I was unlocking the door. My boyfriend had already left for work and managed to get out fine but I was the unlucky one. My manager just laughed at me down the phone. I called my landlord and they arranged for a locksmith to come round. I had to pass him my key through the window and he managed to unlock it from the outside and then changed the lock for me. It was a funny experience.


The Hierophant
I'm not one to call off much at all because I simply enjoy working. I enjoy making money only slightly more. I need something to do with my days, and that's the outlet that work provides me. At my current job, whenever I call off, which really isn't frequently, I'll just say that I have personal reasons. They aren't allowed to question it at all and are required to drop the subject at that.

At my last job, I only ever tried to call off once, and that was because my car shit the bed big time and I couldn't actually drive the twenty miles to get to work without it blowing up on me. So, what'd they do? They sent someone to come pick me up to go to work. :lol: Left that job without ever calling off a single day.

I eat quite a bit, though, and at my last job I amazed people with how much I eat. I used to joke about calling in and saying "Hey, I have to call off fat. Don't know what happened, but I woke up today just gigantic and I'm not going to be able to fit out of my door." :lol: