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I can't be the only one who does this


New Member
Ok, so when I'm driving I like to play this game where I try to hit all the squirles that dash out in front of my car. My friends say I'm sick, but really I'm just helping natural selection right? I pick off the slow and the dumb, so only the strong squirles smart enough not to jump out in front of cars pass on their genes. I really shouldn't even have to justify this. They're just squirles. Anyway, it's rediculously fun so I want to prove I'm not the only one. Who else plays?


Registered Member
I think you are immature.
Not that squirrels are my favorite animals...but what if you lost control of your car, swerved to HIT a squirrel and ended up hitting another car or a tree??
Doesn't sound safe~
And to answer your question, NO, I don't play that!


Mark ov teh Pond
If BR was here right now he'd say, "Don't feed the trolls." And he's RIGHT!


Registered Member
I'm sorry Pond....after I posted, I realized and looked at his posting stats.
But I haven't slept for the last 2 nights..I'm tired..that's my excuse :)


Boom Boom Pow!
Dick head.


Registered Member
I like to play this game where I run people over when they get out of their car after they hit an animal. My friends say it's sick, but why not? They are the stupid ones, might as well help natural selection.

Anyway, it's free food, and a long lasting supply if you get yourself a big one. :D


Better Call Saul
Staff member
fyi i moved this here instead of banning him so have fun while you can


Registered Member
lol, as was said he is just trolling.

I would normally just ignore this kinda topic but am bored so whatever, may as well have fun.