I Built Another Computer (Thanks Steve)


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A few members here probably remember how I had 3 broken computers, I realized that one of the motherboards works and now I have built another computer

Here is what I built

K8T NEO-FSR Motherboard (with 16 bit sound built in)
Athlon 64 3000+ processor (2.0Ghz)
1.5GB DDR 400 RAM (since the motherboard has 3 DIMM's for Ram I'm using 3 512 mb sticks)
250GB WD EIDE Hard Drive (Caviar Edition)
D-Link 744-Q High Speed Internet Card
Nvidia GeForce 6200 256mb video card (with support for 2 monitors)
Dual 17" CRT monitors (one gateway and one dell)
Boston Acoustic Speakers
Antec 400W Power Supply

It's a pretty Decent computer and it was super cheap to build, because my dad gave me most of the parts from his broken computer.

Thanks for the advice on getting 2 monitors steve I really like it and I wish I could get it on all of my computers, I would have never thought of this if you hadn't told me to do it.:D


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Yeah Steve is a big promoter of dual monitors. How long have you been running 2 Steve? Like since I've known you?


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Two monitors for one comp? Do you get a scroll over feature or something? How does it work?

Well first you have to have a video card that supports 2 monitors then you connect both of them to the video card.

Then it's basically like you have one giant monitor, though they are still separate monitors, really with what i do, dual monitors is not needed but it's more efficient for being on the internet and stuff like that.

I can only play games in one monitor but that's normal although there are a few games that I can stretch over both monitors I prefer having just one screen.

these are 2 laptops but it still looks exactly like this. (only the screen of the laptop on the right is being used nothing inside the computer)

YouTube - MaxiVista - Dual Monitor Software