I bought pirated kaspersky codes from ebay...


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So, I heard Kaspersky was an excellent choice when looking for virus software. When I had previously purchased Norton Internet Security, I got it off ebay at a very reasonable price...so I went back to ebay for Kaspersky.

I bid on Kaspersky Internet Security. I expected to get the disc mailed to me. When I emailed the seller to ask a question he told me that he would just give me the activation code. Me, being the naive person that I am...did not realize that it was pirated, and didn't think anything of it.

So, when I got my new computer I tried using this code on the software that I downloaded from Kaspersky's website. When it didn't work, I sent Kaspersky an email asking them why it didn't work, since I had only used it once and you are allowed three uses.

They informed me that my code was pirated and that it had been blocked, and that I should contact the seller for a refund.

I have emailed the seller requesting a full refund. I haven't gotten an answer back yet, but I just sent the email this morning.

My question is this...is anyone familiar with ebay or what my options are in this instance?

I bought the code at the end of February.