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A.M. Radio

Or, at least that's the origin of my screen name. A.M. Radio is character from the movie "Gas-s-s", an obscure little Roger Corman film from the seventies. It's one of those movies that you just have to see to believe. Correction, after you see it, you still won't believe it.

It's strange, bizaare, and completely lsd inspired. Roger Corman is one of my favorite filmmakers, and the man who played A.M. Radio is one of my favorite musicians. He is Country Joe McDonald, who wrote the famous anti War anthem "Feel like I'm Fixin to Die Rag."

The Sixties is a recurring theme with me. The way I act, what I reference, and what I listen to. But mostly, I'm about independent filmmaking. I'm struggling to become a filmmaker now, but it's been my dream to launch an independent film movement that will put an end to studio corruption and bring art Back to the People. I also want to form a band of independent film producers to create a new rating system, similar to the MPAA's. However, ratings will be decided on statistical information and not personal preferences. That would be a real blow to the studio system if we can get a few small studios interested.

The sixties represented a pioneer time in filmmaking. Anybody could find a camera, some money, shoot, and get the movie distributed. Now, the studios have created red tape to keep distribution from happening in any place except for a horror convention basement.

I must warn you, if I am in a religious or political debate, I might offend you. But even still, I give you the advice that Alan Alda (yes, I'm a rabid MASH fan) gave me. "Listen to people. And do it properly. Listening is trying to see if the other person can change you. Life is a series of changes. People might not change you the way they want to. Hell, sometimes your talking to a lunatic. But they might have some wisdom that they don't even know they have."


Welcome to you, nice intro post :D You will find all the political and religious debating you could ask for in the Mature Discussion forum. Jus follow the rules and ya should be a great addition. Woo I wanna see you and Piccolo in a debate. You will find out why I want to see that lmao


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to these forums. Like bLuR said if your in a mood for some great debates we have some good ones in the Mature Discussion forums. Hopefully you'll enjoy yourself here and become an active member