So, I was born in Egypt. Im not a citizen of the US...I have an Egyptian passport.

So, on the 11th of next month, I will be visiting Egypt for 2 weeks.

No biggie, right?

No dude...Im boned...

In Egypt, military service is mandatory for a year and a half (minimum...time varies depending on the rank at which you are accepted). Your mandatory service starts when you are 18. I am 20. I havent been to egypt since I was 16.

My mother says that when I step off of the plane in Cairo, the first thing they will say to me is "get your ass to the army".

Guys, I might be gone for a year and half...Angels, you said only to make goodbye threads if you were leaving for a long time...

I think this counts.

Yeah. Wish me luck on this one...


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Um, I don't think I'd even go. Is it worth visiting if you're going to have to serve in the military?
Um, I don't think I'd even go. Is it worth visiting if you're going to have to serve in the military?
Im trying to avoid not going...I really wanna go...but realistically, if I cant find some way out, Im not stupid enough to get on a plane to my enslavement.


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wow, that's rough man, good luck, I guess that we'll be seeing you in 1 1/2 years, be sure to have plenty of stories to tell us when you get back.

Will you be able to get on GF while in Egypt at all? (dumb question I know)


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Are you serious dude? Why are you going in the first place? Are you able to avoid going and apply for citizenship in the US or is that not what you want?

Just seems unfair for military to be mandatory. Doesn't look like there's much you can do about it besides just not show up but even then I don't know all the details..


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Ugh, that's sounds bad. There must be a way out of it, if not, don't go.
It's mandatory here as well, but for 3 years! And they get down on everyone. A few of my cousins left here to the US long before military age and now they're stuck there cos if they come back they'll have to serve.
One cousin of mine used his british passport to return here, but it was still a hassle!

Good luck EX!


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If it's possible to stay then I'd stay, don't knowingly get on a plane that will lead you to the military, if you don't have to return then don't.

I would suggest getting citizenship in the U.S. that seems to be a good option.