I am really beginning to get tICKED off!


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Well Ebay has YET AGAIN cancelled SEVERAL of my listings! I'm really beginning to get irritated at them!

9 of my listings cancelled due to the auctionsightings button. I STILL dont get that! I put the new one on there! And the other due to charity rules again. So, I'm going to relist.......will take me awhile, I'll be back in here later!


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I am almost tempted to start putting my things on another auction site! They just pulled ANOTHER one of my listings! Grrrrr.......


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What did they say was the reason? Did they say it was because of the Auction Sightings button? I thought Andrew said he spoke to Ebay and it was ok to put it in now?


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He did say that, apparently someone either didn't know this was ok'd at Ebay, or they are just picking on me! :)

Well my one Auction was pulled cause they said I AGAIN broke the Charity rule. I HOPE this time I got it right. I did not mention in my auction anywhere WHY i was auctioning off these pants....BUT, I did tell them to read why in my about me page........I HOPE that is legal.....if not then I GIVE UP!! SOMEONE wants me to not make money! :)

The others were pulled, wait, I just looked and read the link and in the link it says talk about......isn't that the old one? Hmmmm, Maybe this is all my fault. (this i would not doubt!) Course i copied and pasted what was in the html box.........UGH........who knows! I'm just frustrated now, and I got to get these reports done.......so I will talk later.

If anyone who reads this doesn't mind, check out my BID TO GET IN MY PANTS auction I relisted and see if it looks "allowable now" . I'll check back in here later!
Oh and email me @ [email protected]
Here is the item # 5577050614


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Well they cancelled ALL of my Auctions THANK GOD FOR TURBO LISTER! They did say 'as featured on" so I dont know why they cancelled them, but i'm not going to risk it again. They are getting on my last nerve! It does seem like they are targeting. (lets teach her a lesson)


:) and through it all I can still smile! :)

Back to work!


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I contacted eBay again to get to the bottom of this. I am probably more mad than you are about this Msbabedoll.... :(


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I'm sorry your having so much trouble with them. I relisted all my stuff, but think I am going to hold off on adding the link. I wanted to try and get some referalls that way, but relisting is getting to be a pain.

Course silly ole me broke more than just that rule! There was the chairty rules and they infringing on copy right rules.....I seen other people selling la weightloss stuff so thought I would get rid of mine......lol.......i did not relist those.

:) Hope you have a good day Andrew!


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Ebay isn't just picking on you strange auctioneers. They are also pulling normal auctions too. They pulled 2 of my comic book auctions last night.
The reason they gave me was you can't give out bonus items in your auction.
Since when is it a bad thing to give you an extra comic with your purchase.

But I just wanted to let you all know that it's not just you. They are messing with all of us. :tough: :mad:
All I can say is they need to fix the rules (and some need to read them).

Till next time................................ :warp:
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