I am new to this Site - Hello everyone!

Hello everyone - Great site forehead guy - Wish I thought of that Idea :)

I am Darrell and I am 23 - I have several auctions listed but you cannot hear about them yet - I live in California and I work in Sales.

I love EBAY and I love this new advertising trend. Nice to meet everyone and if you want to drop me a note email me @ [email protected]

Thanks for having me everyone!


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Hey, good to see you, glad you could make it. Hope you enjoy, if you have any questions, just ask one of us mod or Admins and we should be able to help you out.


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welcome to the board enjoy yor stay .i must say also those are some great auctions
Thank you so much for all your support - Wow I must be popular lol - I haven't even told you about my auctions yet lol - I have some new ones in the works and I am sure not to disappoint you fellow auctioneers :) I'm still trying to make history - Most viewed and watched in EBAY history. I think the forehead man might be the record for most ever? Anyone have any idea?
Thanks for the warm welcome though and I look forward to checking out some of your auctions as well!


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Hello, nice to meet you....ittss been a long time.....oh oh sorry got caught up in song there! LOL

Glad to have you here, you will learn that this is the BEST place to be on the net uh that is besides Ebay! ;)

WIll check out your auctions as soon as you get to the right level to post them! I'm sure it wont take long!
Mr. Forehead guy - may you make a post for me today regarding my ebay pulse auction?? it ends in three hours! please make an exception or you post it for me.