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I am new & need help with Sports Collectables !!


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Nightsurfer that would be great !! Let me work on the pic when I get off work this pm. How do I find your email addy? You guys & gals are great !! I love this board !!! Hope to get a little more involved later !!!

Hey, I do not know !! When I try to look at the pic, it tells me that I cannot access that page !! I will check on it later !! Must work you know !!!!!

helpisontheway said:
Does the figure look like this? A Danbury figure?

It certainly is similar to this pic, but not exactly like it !! Yours shows a little more detail in the uniform but mine shows a little more in the face !! At least from what I can tell !! Mine also does not have a stand, the bottom of the shoes looks like it may have at one time, stood on something, but there is no residual glue, like it has been broken. !! Yours has a dark belt in front, mine is dark only on the back !! These are minor differences but I am hoping they will help track it down !! What is yours made of ????
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