I am new & need help with Sports Collectables !!

Discussion in 'Collector's Corner' started by mart1, May 11, 2005.

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    First of all , just let me say Hi to everyone !! I have read a few posts & replies & have enjoyed them !! And I have also learned a lot !! I am not the most computer literate person in the world, so if I seem a little dumb its because I am !!! Now, to the point,,, I have a signed baseball card 4x6 in. of Mickey Mantle from a celebrity golf tourney. I have looked on ebay & cannot find anything in this size ! It is from the Shangri-La Celebrity Golf Classic Scramble benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I do not have a COA however with it !! Anyone have an idea how this would do on ebay?? I also have a figurine to go with it of MM that is plastic,7 in. tall, #7 on the back, but has no markings at all !! Anyone have info?? It is missing the bat though, whick was separate and not made as a part of the figure !! Any help about these items would be appreciated !!

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    have you tried looking for other signed mantle stuff? It might give you an idea as to how they are selling and for how much......I would think it would go good. I just bought a bunch of baseball and football cards at a yard sale and found one going for the price I paid for ALL the cards. I listed that one.......trying to decide how i am going to sell the rest.......there are some good cards in there, I think i did well!
    I'm not sure about the MM's things...........but those are pretty collectible too!!
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    I am just hoping I am doing this reply correctly !! I have looked but its the size that I have not found !! Its 4 in.X6 in. Have not seen anything like that !! The Mickey Mantle figurine I couldn`t find either !! I was thinking of listing them as a pair, but thought I`d better get an idea of value first. I just thought someone here might have an idea !!
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    Here is a link to a sports card certification service...They may be able to help you. A certified card is worth much more than one that isn't....
  5. mart1

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    Hey,, Thanks, I am on my way to the site !! I had one local guy offer to buy this card but I`d rather get a better idea of its worth first !! Thanks all !!
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    What company made the card (ie Donruss,Topps, Bowman), and what Year was the card produced (should be really small lettering on the back of the card), Also, whats the number of the card?

    With that information I would be albe to find a value of the card itself, as for the figure. I cannot tell from the information you put in your first post. If you can find the stamp on that and give me some more information, I may be able to find its value for you!
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    Hi all . Welcome (mart1) to the boards. If you can send me a pic of the figurine I just might be able to get the info for you. As for the COA if you contact make a wish they can provide one for you. I also can help you with the COA. If you need somemore help I will be gald to help. (I own a collectable shop)
    Catch ya latter......... :warp:
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    To answer the last 2 posts... This is not the typical small card that everyone collects. It is not numbered & no maker is on it !! It is 4in x 6 in. in size and is from 1992 and is signed across the front. The stats are on the back. it is from the Shangri-La Celebrity Golf Classic Scramble benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It has a pic of Mickey kneeling on one knee on the front and in a small green square on the front, 1992 Mickey Mantle, the number 7 in a little baseball & Celebrity Golf Classic on the bottom of the sqare. It does appear to be hand signed & not a stamp. I am assuming that these were given to visitors at the golf tourney. As for the figure, it is plastic, 7 in tall, with Mickey in batting position, looking to the right, (was he a lefty) and #7 on the back. It has no markings what-so-ever !! And as I said is missing the bat. , there is a small hole that the bat went into !! The card is in good to excellent condition !! At least from my viewpoint !! Thanks to all who replied to this !! Hope this info helps !!
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    Does the figure look like this? A Danbury figure?

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