I am mad at:


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Just post here to let everyone know what you are mad at. Simple way to vent:D

So mine is

I am mad at..the government and the lack of knowledge the american public have.


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I'm mad at the media for portraying the soldiers in Iraq as pawns in a pointless chess game. I met a guy in line for XBOX 360's a few nights ago who was really cool. He is currently home from the Air Force but was about to go back out to Germany. He said that the news has no problem telling us that a few US soldiers were killed, and they make it sound like more lives were wasted without reason. But what they don't tell you is that these soldiers died in the process of a few hundred Al Qaeda and other rebels being killed. That part never hits the news. Instead they make the soldiers out to be idiots who are wasting their time like suckers. The media doesn't show the people over there who are thankful for the help. They only show the idiots who want us out, who have an alternate agenda of their own.


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I am mad at people who treat others like crap to vent out anger on stupid small things. Example: "This guy beat me on Halo. I shall hit you repeatedly because your presence caused me to suck."


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Im mad at:
This freakin car right now......Dont get me wrong, I love working on cars, but its just getting old. I fix one thing, then one wire goes out so I have to trace down what wire it is and the location, fix that and then I see that there is a small coolant leak, fix the leak then the brake lights on our truck go out......

AHHHH, when does it ever end!! I could never be a mechanic for a living. Keeping it as my hobby is just fine :)


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I am mad at the idiot that beat me at Counter Strike. He was a cocky bastard, really up himself, just because he can "pwn n00bs" he thinks he is top shit, but he isn't, he is just a bully, he cheated, used a wall hack, speed hack AND and head shot hack... I SWEAR IT'S TRUE! If I knew where he is, I would go over to his house and hit him multiple times, I'd piss on his pathetic excuse for a computer, and steal his children and sell them to his favourite Chinese restaraunt.


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I am mad at the heating prices this winter. My first bill of the season was twice as much as it was this time last year. Our heat doesn't go over 62 to try to save some money.


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I got use to only turning the heat one in absolutly freezing weather. Now I wear a hat and sweather all the time. Quite cozy actually.