i am mad at one of my friends, what to do?

my friend is kind enough, but when he is with girls he begins to make me unconfortable:cry: I don`t want to tell him this because then i will be the guy who "cares", but maybe shud tell him? what shud i do?


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Uncomfortable how? Does he make fun of you while around girls? Or does he treat them bad?

If he makes fun of you, just say "Bros before Hoes."

If he is treating them bad tell him he is a dick or you will kick his ass.
So he acts differently when he's around girls.. well that's quite common I suppose. If it's making you uncomfortable then you should speak up or you'll just become miserable. Maybe try to do it in a light-hearted way though, because it's much easier said than done.


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It's funny how we all took this in a different way since there wasn't much explanation. I took it as...he gets sickly lovey dovey with girls.

We need some clarification to the OP!


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Just punch him on the face.

Srsly now, like Anita said, the OP leaves for different interpretations. The way I understood it, he acts like a jerk when you guys are with girls, but when you're alone he's nicer to you. Is that it? If so, then tell him about it and give examples. Maybe he's not aware.


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It would also help to know your age, and that of your friend. That way we can have a better idea of what kind of "feelings" you may be dealing with.


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Its hard to understand in what way he makes you feel uncomfortable.
tell us...

When you two are alone, How does he act
When you two are around other guy friends how does he act
and when he is with females with u how does he act.