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Movies I Am Legend: The Last Man on Earth is Not Alone


Secret Agent
Staff member
Wow, I saw this trailer just now and I have to say this could be a very interesting movie. Will Smith plays the last survivor of a deadly infection, and also the last human on earth, as the trailer leads you to believe:

Apple - Trailers - I Am Legend

I think this movie has more to it than meets the eye. At first glance it looks like a well scripted horror movie, but, knowing Will Smith and the movies he is usually in, there is probably a lot more to "I Am Legend" than it seems based on the trailer.

I think this could be very interesting. Does anybody know anything about this movie? Is it based on a book?


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Its based on a graphic novel series I think... I don't think this will be a standard horror either. It may be more of an action flick come to think of it but either way I'm looking forward to seeing it.


Heavy Weapons Guy
It should be much more on the action side than on the horror side. Looks pretty good. What book series is it from? Is it titled "The Last Man on Earth?"


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I have a feeling it'll be a cross between the end of The Day After Tomorrow and Deep Impact with Cast Away.


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I have been seeing the trailer for a while now, I think it would be a great movie. I also think that the movie has a lot of hidden things in it. Looking forward to seeing it.


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I have been seeing the trailers too. I think it will be a good movie and I want to see. I don't think it will primarily be a horror movie, but I think that there will be parts that will make you jump (well at least me, I don't like horror movies). From what I have seen of the trailers, it will probably be something like Pitch Black. You are fine during the day, but at night......beware.


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I think this another Will Smith movie will be a blockbuster...
I have been watching Will Smith movies and i would have to say that I'm one of his fan..
Love the i,Robot movie....


Food Whore
I have a feeling it'll be a cross between the end of The Day After Tomorrow and Deep Impact with Cast Away.
Now that would be a hell of a movie. The trailer makes it look pretty good, and Will Smith is a decent actor, so i'll probably end up going to see it.
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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Thanks, Psycho, I really want to see how this movie is. Usually Will Smith save the Earth movies are worth a watch or two.