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I am Jack's Third Nipple...


New Member
Ok, I may have taken that joke from "Fight Club"....

My name is Jake, I am a Chicago born & raised Rays fan(since their "Devil-Rays" days) fan and I have an uncanny amount of baseball info inside of my head. I am always willing to talk baseball, no matter the team or the discussion. I know a ton about prospects(being a DRays fan, you had to be up-to-date on farm systems because they were trading players for prospects all the time...still are)

How did I become a Rays fan?

Rocco Daniel Baldelli. Funny name, decent player who had more potential than production. Learned about the rest of the team when he started getting hurt. Became a blogger for a Rays blog that got noticed by new owner & started getting popular w/ interviews with people within he organization. Walked away from blogging for a bit, watching the game for fun and so-forth.

What type of person am I?

I admit it, I am a jerk...I am often a funny one. However, I am a pain-in-the-butt if I know I am 95+% right and I will argue and stand my ground to the full-extent of the argument. I can be snarky, snide and cold-blooded.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome, I'm really looking forward to discuss Baseball with you. I've studied the game for quite some time now and I'm always willing learn more. Hopefully I can learn from you, and maybe you'll learn a few things for me.

See ya around, buddy.


The return shall be legenday!
It's always a pleasure of mine when a knowledgeable member joins the forums. We try to build our fan base with guys like you, and I think we'd be done a fairly good job thus far. Hope to see ya around more often than not. Cheers


rainbow 11!
fight club is an awesome movie.

welcome to the joint!


New Member
Haha a funny jerk who argues when he thinks he's 95% correct. Don't worry my friend, you'll fit right in with this bunch. Welcome aboard!