I am Emo



"My heart is black, black like coal, my love spiraling into a deep dark abyss, my hope is only yet dispair in its futile attempt to show itself, I'm further loss in the dark forces I call my life, I am the tear that will never be shed, the cold lie that is my friends only yet to cause me pain, my soul is foregotten"

wrote it myself, I think its deep, no one understands me... I'm going to cry in my room now
I write poems the best when I am crying my eyes out and cannot see the paper. When I finely chock down my depression, I look down and I can barely make out my own writing. The paper is dotted with my own tears, blurring the ink from my pen. Wow I should write a poem about that but, I am happy right now.

Tan just don't kill yourself :( I will miss your graphic work :(

Feel better man

Justice For All

I'm sorry for you, you've just been sucked into a bunch of MTV BS. No one is born emo, you made yourself that and absorb in self pity. Look at these guys it's not a wonder why they get picked on with pants tighter than your sister and wearing makeup with that horrible haircut. Not to mention the music which sounds like a 5 year old crying to his mommy. I hate to sound like an asshole, but sometimes the truth needs to be said and you need to wake up. Emo is a fad and a very horrible one at that. It's like a hybrid of glam rock and gothic culture. It goes out of it's way to piss people off and annoy them. I suggest be yourself and quit trying to follow some stupid fad.


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Buddy, I don't want to sound mean or anything but get over yourself. Trust me people do understand you, it's that you dont see it. Now I don't know you personally, but I know a little about you because you have been on these forums for awhile. And personally I believe that people that are emo, is just a phase, and some people are emo for longer then others. But I am sure that your going to get over this. It seems that basketball is your love. Maybe that is the answer. Sounds weird but you never know.