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Hypothetically Speaking...


Registered Member
...let's say you're at a strip club, when you realize that one of the girls dancing is someone you grew up with. Do you stay or do you leave?

For me, if it was a close friend of mine I'd probably leave but if it was someone I had no feelings about either way, I'd probably stay.

But then again, I'm not a strip club kind of guy, so this is totally irrelevant to me.

How about you guys?


Honestly... I'd probably ask for a lap dance. I enjoy making things way more uncomfortable than they have to be.

Misha Mayhem

Registered Member
Can I answer, from a woman's POV? xD

If it were a female dancer, at a club where men and women were allowed, I'd either feel super awkward about it and find another corner of the club OR leave. Depending who it was. (I'm bisexual, and even this makes me go, "Uhhh... I don't know," a bit).

If it were a male dancer, I'd stay. Because my boys and I were tighter than any of the female friends I've had, and it would probably be more comfortable.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would probably say and go to perv row like Cryp posted.

Why the hell now? Even more so if she's attractive. I don't know if I could do the whole lap dance with such person because that may be to awkward, but other than that I would not care.

I think it happened to one of my friends, but she was a former co-worker of his.


New Member
If she was cute and we were never super close, I'd go up with a 5er and have her rub her cooch in my face (excuse the vulgarity) Then if it smells good and im into it, I make my move for a lapdance or two and see if our past gets me more than a couple of private dances haha...but that's juts me and I'm a pervert at heart.