Hypothetical Same Gender GF Couples


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We have had a "Hypothetical GF couples thread." This is with a twist. The hypothetical couples must be same gender.

Who should these hypothetical same gender couples be? (List as many or as few as you wish. You may either include or exclude yourself.) If you want to give detail, then you can say why you paired a given hypothetical couple.

Note: This is just for fun. This should not taken seriously. So no one should be offended.
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vegito and swift...... the most egotistical couple possible! in a fun way though
chaos and steve
ysabel and himeko
jeanie and angel
and this would never work but cons and elf would be funny!
Me and Syndicate
Me and Minimint
Me and CBJN

Now that I got that out of the way:

- EndWinterRomance & Easily-Amused
- ysabel & Blueyes
- Echoes & dDave
- kdmillz & Babe_Ruth
- Sim & Elf1
- Hiei & padd
- Pugz & EndWinterRomance
- Jeanie & Barbiegirl (opposites attract. TEE-HEE)


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Echoes and dDave
pro2a and kaz
Altanzitarron and Bee
Vincent_Valentine and ValentinSelezynov
Babe Ruth and padd
chaos and vilky
syndicate and suigeneris
Bananas and Sim
manuel and elf
barbie and Winter


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Angels and Jeanie
Myself and Millz
Vilky and Atreyu
Cons and Inthenet(haha)
Steve and Echoes
Kazmarov and Sim


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lol I like this idea.

EA & Me
Phoenix & Me
Jeanie & Angel
Jeanie & Ysabel
Constantine & Swift
Vegito & Swift