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hyperinflation = famine


Embrace the Suck
Thats great, man. Good job being prepared.


Registered Member
What happens when you type (country) wholesale inflation into Google?
Japan = 6.3%
Germany = 13.2%
USA = 8.3%
To m name a few.
I made this post a year ago about wholesale inflation. CPI is important but wholesale inflation tells you the future.
In a year, these are the new numbers:
Japan 9%. Last year was 6.3%.
Germany 18.9%. Last year was 13.2%.
USA 8.7. Last year was 8.3%.

What this means is for the US crowd, wholesale goods, raw materials, are up 17% in 2 years. And it’s not slowing down. In every case it is accelerating.

I don’t think the average American understands what we are on the brink of.


Embrace the Suck
The average American absolutely has no idea what is happening, or why. That’s why we are in the clusterfuck we are in, and it’s only going to get worse.