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hyperinflation = famine


not a plastic bag

The covid hoax and the mass printing of money, combined with the grand solar minimum will lead to famine. It's already happening in less developed countries.
Supply chains are destroyed, crops are destroyed and money is being destroyed.


Son of Liberty
It is not. It’s been getting progressively worse since the FDR administration. Tyranny is the goal. It’s always been the goal. When are Americans going to step up and demand an end? I don’t know. I don’t expect any other country to. Most citizens of the world accept tyranny. Unfortunately, more and more Americans do too.


Registered Member
What happens when you type (country) wholesale inflation into Google?
Japan = 6.3%
Germany = 13.2%
USA = 8.3%
To m name a few.

This is before the massive tax increases go into effect.
Where does this lead? For starters it will wipe out the small business. A restaurant, grocery or hardware store that's traded on the stock market can afford to eat the inflation for a little while by issuing stocks. Small businesses don't have that option.
So then options are very limited. When you can only get food from Walmart or Amazon, you will be forced to eat what they tell you. Real meat bad, lab meat good. You don't have the 20th booster shot for covid, sorry you can't shop here. Brave New World.


Son of Liberty
Brave New World indeed. The government is purposefully making people more poor. The massive inflation means you earn less. The price of bacon, meat, eggs, gas, cheese, are incredibly getting higher, which means we earn less. And WE ARE VOTING FOR IT. The same idiots who shrieked “RESIST” for the last 5 years, are complicit in this mess.

I’m living in a mashup of dystopian novels. It’s ridiculous.


Son of Liberty
Things are just going to get worse and worse. And we have caravans of people in the thousands coming from failed command and control economies, and people here want more of that. Which will lead to higher inflation. This country has no shortage of idiots. But hey, no more mean Tweets, right?