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Hydrogen Peroxide Found in Space


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Hydrogen peroxide molecules have been discovered in our galaxy several hundred light-years away. It appears they are being formed from cosmic clouds and dust. Many astronomers have guessed these molecules exist in space bit this is the first time positive identification has been confirmed. This is an important discovery in that many believe much of the water on earth came from space.

I've been to the ESO in Chile. They have some of the largest and most advanced telescopes in the world. They also have some highly technologically advanced ones in development.

Molecules of hydrogen peroxide have been found for the first time in interstellar space. The discovery gives clues about the chemical link between two molecules critical for life: water and oxygen. On Earth, hydrogen peroxide plays a key role in the chemistry of water and ozone in our planet's atmosphere, and is familiar for its use as a disinfectant or to bleach hair blonde. Now it has been detected in space by astronomers using the European Southern Observatory-operated APEX telescope in Chile.
Hydrogen peroxide found in space



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Thanks for the heads up on this! I still kinda wonder if a new planet's oxygen might also come from supernovas and/or the planet and sun while the new solar system is developing.
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