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Tis the season. So who has been through a hurricane? Have any of you had to evacuate or maybe cancel a trip due to where ever it was you're going because of a hurricane?

Since I am in the path of the latest hurricane, I thought I'd make a thread!



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This is just wind blowing if you ask me. I went through Hugo. Now THAT was excitement but once the eye went over us after we left the house trying to get some friends who were dumb enough to stay in their trailers in the back of the neighborhood after being on the phone the entire time with them I went to sleep because there was no TV to watch. Of course we never did get them because there was a huge Oak down one end of the street and a power line down the other. We had tornadoes go down the street and put cars in trees around the corner.
You have some 1337 Paint skillz.

No, I've never been through a hurricane before. I'm on the west coast, so, I just have to worry about quakes, floods and fires. Y'know, the usual.


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I've never been able to see a cool natural disaster live. I've never even really felt an earthquake. No lightnening strikes, nothing. I'm jealous.


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I believe on one of the trips either North Carolina or Florida there was a hurricane while we are the campsite.

But I don't remember very well. I just remember dark clouds, strong wind, and palm trees blowing all over the place, lol.


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Poor Hime. She called me today to tell me how much it sucked in Jacksonville right now. There was a tornado near her house and the hurricane just kind of stalled over her.


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I've never been through a hurricane, but encountered countless tornados growing up and one earthquake. Now I get nervous every time there is a thunderstorm, though tornados in this area are rare.

I had a friend who was hit pretty hard by this recent hurricane...similar to Hime, he was one of the lucky ones to get hit with heavy flooding and tornados when the hurricane stalled right on top of him. He scared me pretty hardcore on Wednesday night when he left me a message that pretty much sounded like his last words..."If you don't hear from me tomorrow, I want you to know...." etc etc. :-o

I got a message from him the next morning telling me that he was ok, but that was one scary night.