Hurricane Ike is INSANE!


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Hurricane Ike is apparently the biggest hurricane in the last 50 years. Texans in the path of Ike have been told that if they don't leave they face certain death. Somebody even went as far as to say that anybody who stays should just write their social security number on their arm so it's easier to identify them when they are found dead.

Hurricane winds whipping Texas coast -


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Insane in the hurricane, insane in the rain!

One guy on Galveston Island was putting up boards on his beachfront home's windows today. When a reporter asked why he was taking so long to evacuate, he explained that he was going to stay and ride it out.

Remember, this is a beach house smack on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, with 100+MPH winds and a 25-foot storm surge heading right for it.

Can you say Darwin Award?


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I agree with both of you, but there is a little aside that you may not know if you are not a Texan. When Hurricane Rita threatened the Texas coast right after Katrina, everyone hit the road. There are only about two major interstates north out of Houston, and they quickly became jammed to a stand-still for miles and miles and miles, plus there was no gas available. Some had to pull off the road and just sit there. Can you imagine what the heat index was? Anyway, people remembered that horrible and frightening experience, and they just said, "Nope, I am not getting into that situation again." The difference is that this time, there was much better planning and coordination, and staying in Galveston was a very bad decision. Galveston is right on the water and is low. My brother is in north Houston near Intercontinental Airport, and they decided to stay, but that is a different situation altogether. They did lose power and water and have no idea when power might be restored. They may have to go to Austin or New Braunfels next week. Remember, no air conditioning! I live in DFW metroplex and we are just going to have a rainy, drizzly day. Maybe increased winds about 2:00 p.m.


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Umm.. Ike is only a category 2. It's just really wide. I don't see the huge deal here. People are freaking out over a super wide hurricane that isn't even as strong as Katrina. If anything, it's average. The doomsayers even admittd the damage and flooding isn't nearly as bad as they predicted.

Why do people freak out over trivial bunk?


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Seriously... A category 2 isn't really anything. Sure, people in the low areas should evacuate. But that should be it, really.


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Hopefully it's not to severe and people don't die. May our hearts go out to them!


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The size just makes it likely it's going to have hurricane force winds in places where it wasn't expected, and that's where the damage is going to derive from.

They've tried to moderate this because before there was a mass evacuation in Rita that just stranded everyone. Only the necessary people should be evacuated, otherwise you just have gridlock, wasted gas, problems getting medical services, and THEN the hurricane hits.


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By biggest I didn't mean the fastest winds. It does seem to have died down a bit now though which is good. I think experts were expecting a lot worse.


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I'd like to coin the term "Katrina Syndrome" where we now call every draft a possible threat to life in the US.