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since hurricane ike is hitting the gulf, where most of our of shore oil line, gas in southern alabama just went to 5.30 within the last 3 hours. Most all local small gas stations are closed saying that they just aren't prepared to buy the gas at that price. the only locations that are open are major gas stations like bp and shell. so here where I am at...we have no gas

luckily i have plenty to last throughout the week, although i never thought I would see it over 5 in this year... :-o
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Thats some bullshit, there wasn't a single drop lost in the last hurricane, that's nothing but a fear tax.
Someone needs to bitchslap price gougers bad.


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I went to get some gas last night and some jackass had a sign in their window supposedly asking to try to only get 10 gallons and it spiraled out of control from there stating that gas was being rationed and that it was going up to $5.00 and then lines started. I said screw this and went home even though I was on E. Headed to work this morning and was going to get gas, signs saying no gas. Found one station that was still open with gas at the regular price no less. what luck. I filled up. Gas will be going up as soon as Ike nails Houston's refineries even though we personally don't get our supply from them ours will be going up too.


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Damn! The prices keep getting higher. My dad just threw the remote at a wall when I told him about this.. Luckily they're not as severe in the North(Canada)
Reminds me of how high gas went when Katrina hit....boy, were those gas stations filled to max with cars....