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HuR DuR i'M BaKeDeD HuR DuReReDeD


Do What Thou Wilt
THe RaGeDeD FeaR THey aCHeiVeDeD,
HaTH BeeN DeFeaTeD
By THe GooD MuSiCaL

Be JoiCeDeD
aND Gay

THe MaSSaGe May
SHaVe youR BaLLS


yellow 4!
I wonder if we can get Hybrix to change Mag's password at the same time he's changing Haematemesis' name back.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
lol @ Rebecca

Nice one


Do What Thou Wilt
oH WHy WouLD He Do THaT
iS iT BeBeCauSe I'm a HeBReWeT?


Do What Thou Wilt
oH STeVeN, THaT HuRT, My FRieND.
aLL THe TiMe i'Ve BeeN HeaR i'Ve SouGHT To Be FRieNDS oF aLL

i'Ve NeVeR MeaNT To HuRT i'Ve oNLy LoVe To LauGH


Registered Member
i LiKe MAgnum!
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