I looked through the outdoors forum and didn't see too many threads on huntin'.

Where are all yall hunters?

Whats the biggest kill yall've had?


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I haven't ever gone hunting. I'd like to though. I would like to go deer or elk hunting eventually once I have all the right equipment and some free time to learn the ropes.


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I don't believe in hunting for "the thrill of the hunt", or mounting trophies, or any other reason such as that. I only hunt when I need to fill my freezer. It's just me and the Mrs., so I usually harvest only one deer per season. There are plenty of deer that walk through my back yard, so I really don't see a reason to buy permits. I just step out on my back porch, take aim........ Then I clean it and pack it into my freezer.


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I've never hunted before. I would definitely try it, though. I'd want to hunt something big though, not a something like a bunny. How sick would it be if you had a bear skin rug, and YOU killed the bear? :>


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I've been hunting with a few of my friends who are into it, but on the times I went with them we didn't get anything worthy of mentioning. Last trip my friend went on though he bought back a wild boar and we're going to put it on a spit roast once summer comes round.


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Hunting for any reason other than food is barbaric. It's not something I'll ever do.


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I hunt squirrels with my BB gun. If i where legal, I would take the proper lessons and get a hunting permit, as well as a rifle permit. Deer, turkey, and wild cats all roam through the back area I own. Though, I have taken on plenty of squirrels, as well as a rabbit with my bb guns.


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I used to hunt a lot but haven't had much time to in the last few years. I've hunted deer, javalinas, wild pigs and white-wings. The biggest white tail I've shot was a 12 pointer.


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I rarely hunt these days. I'm more of a target shooter now. Trap, Skeet, and Tin Cans...good fun.


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I regularly hunt deer, turkey, rabbit and squirrel. I want to get up to Maine sometime and go moose hunting. I hear it's a blast. I mostly hunt what I will eat. It's probably why I stay away from the water fowl and pheasants. I hear duck and goose are good so one of these years I may head down to Maryland to duck hunt.

Look in my profile pics, there is a picture of my doe from last years hunt.