Hunter S Thompson


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Hello,the name is David and I am 25.I recently(as in last week)got into this amazing author.I just bought Hells Angels,Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail '72,and The Great Shark Hunt.Starting with Hells Angels...I just wish I got into him when I was younger.But then again it is better late,than never.Anyone else on these boards like the author,and if you dislike him voice your opinion:)


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I am a Hunter fan. I have read every one of his books. My favorite of his books is Fear and Loathing, I just recently watch a bio on his life. It is amazing just how much he did in his time here on planet earth and just how many Stars he knew and influenced over the years.

I would like to get my hand on some of his works that he did in his early days before he go famous. H Thompson had a unique outlook on life and it's a shame he isn't around anymore. I think it would be interesting to see what he thinks of things now.


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i dig hunter thompson's works. i haven't read them all, but i think my favorite book is "fear and loathing in las vegas". the movie doesn't do it justice, in my opinion. of course that could be because i read the book first. there was a full cast dramatization of the this book put out some time ago, that was really very well done. if your interested, i'll find the details on it.