rainbow 11!
Did anyone else think this was going to be about blowjobs?

No, I don't hum, really. I'll quietly sing sometimes, but I don't really like humming. Not too sure as to why.
I buzz, which i consider to be close enough to stick in this thread.

I love buzzing gorgon goodwin...just because I wish I could actually play it.


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I hum ,sing , and dance at random intervals during the day. Like today I was humming a song I heard on the radio on my way to work.


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Yes, I do. It happens more often when I'm doing the chores, putting my kids to sleep or when I take a shower. Most of the time though I end up singing except when I forget the lyrics then I hum that part until I get to the part that I know the words again.


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i hum almost all the time! or whistle... or sing! its kinda embarassing wen i dont even know im doing it... and then someon says dude shut up uve been whistling for like 15 minutes. haha


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I might hum randomly during the day, no I don't have any favorites I will hum whatever I am thinking about when I hum.