Humans and Machines are predicted to merge

Discussion in 'Science & History' started by Hi_Im_Tim, Jul 15, 2008.

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  2. Merc

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    It's scary, but not surprising.

    I don't think I'd ever be one to support it.
  3. Mirage

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    That's an interesting article. I don't believe it will be possible to "upload" your memory to a computer though. Maybe I'll be proven wrong but I don't like the idea one bit.

    Talk about the ultimate invasion of privacy. This happened in the movie "The 6th Day" in place of questioning people. They would just upload their memory and search through it for what they wanted to know.
  4. Nevyrmoore

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    Any bets the transhumanists are creaming at the sound of this?

    To be honest, transhumanism interests me. But I don't see us being mostly machine in 22 years. However, as Bostrom stated, "It's very hard to predict".

    What I can predict if it does happen, however, is the human race splitting in two - the wealthy, augmented side, and the poor, natural side.
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    Machines already serve to extend our physical and mental capabilities. They also get wired into us on occasion, like with pacemakers. We are not becoming posthumans, but already are. What, really, is the significant difference between using LASIK surgery to improve a persons vision beyond 20/20, and wiring a small device to their nervous system to give them a perfect sense of direction? We can do both, incidentally, but people are simply more familiar with the former, and thus not so afraid of it.

    I disagree with transhumanists that progress will arrive in a flood at some point, and perhaps wash the Luddites away. It will sneak up on everyone, as it currently is, and few will think to complain about the obvious benefits derived from any individual technology taken on its own merits. When they all add up to a massive change in the picture, everyone will already be quite familiar with the picture, however odd and maybe frightening we may find it. Our ancestors would probably find our way of life odd and frightening, but I have no doubt that it is better... for us, anyways.
  6. Kazmarov

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    Well scientists have already begun to translate impulses and their meanings, and create technologies that interface with neurosensors.

    The brain is just a computer. Neurons and synapses are just like transistors. Our memory is just a hard disk. It's simply a process of translation.
  7. Matriqulated

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    "Maybe it will take eight years or 200 years," he said. "It is very hard to predict."
    I'm thinking a lot closer to at LEAST 100 before any kind of 'singularity' would be achieved. Even with the telescoping nature of advancements in technology.
    The type of hybrid/cyborg described on a large scale will not happen for a long time. There is still a lot to be done before we can anticipate or predict any "intelligence explosion". Once it does happen the possibilities are exponential though. Many important steps have been achieved in the area already. I read a BBC article about 2 years ago about a paralyzed man successfully controlling a computer with his brain. Jacked in so to speak.
  8. Malificus

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    And then of course, war, where the androids suppress the humans until a rag-tag group of adventurers rise and take down the machine men, freeing humanity and bringing a new age of life and prosperity for all.

    That or everything goes gundam, with androids taking the part of the newtypes.
  9. Matriqulated

    Matriqulated Future is Fused 3036A.D.

    It is my belief that introducing true A.I. through hybrids is the most effective way to prevent the whole "machine" wars scenario. There is a chance that their own intelligence would prevent them from being hostile, but considering the alternative, and how dependent humanity is on machinery already, it doesn't seem like a worthy gamble.

    There is the I Robot version:
    The machines freak out for our "protection" as a reactionary bug to any potential preventative programming alone

    The Red Planet, B166, or 2001 ( :lol: ): Space Odyssey version:
    Human life is threatened in self defense. 'You think you can just hit shutdown and turn me off. No silly humans I'm going to reboot your system!'

    The Terminator Version (Of course one of my favorites):
    Who hasn't seen these? Government funded programming at it's worst. Humanity becomes the enemy/target by default.

    The Matrix (My favorite of these movie scenarios):
    The machines response to the slavery, racism, arrogance, and the ignorances of humanity. 'Hey, we tried to play by your rules. But you wouldn't accept us and thought humanity was all top dog and shit, started a war with the machines, so the machine retaliate by flipping the violent nature of people upon the human race. A more political variation of the 'self defense' situation. The human response is:if we can't have Earth neither can you so they darken the sky to prevent solar power. The machine response: you fail. And then they kill everyone except that which the machines need to survive.'

    All of these scenarios I believe can prevented with introducing artificial intelligence via hybrid beings. If they have flesh of their own, it is much easier to expect them to respect it. Of course, there is always a bad apple I guess.
  10. Malificus

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    I still like the gundam version most.

    I dislike one sided good vs evil wars. They're not as romantic.

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