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Human look-alike Robots in Japan?


Registered Member
Yes, japan has human look alike robots. They direct trafic, greet people in corporate buildings, and attempt to lure people into different places. They look much like a human, its actualy kinda scary. Just think what the government has. :(



Registered Member
Some day there will be robots everywhere. Someday they will probably be the ones selling stuff to us.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Robots are already replacing human jobs. Just think of self checkout. That's been up and coming for the past 5 years or so but has really started to take off lately.

Cashier jobs will be 90% replaced by robots and machines within 5 years I bet.


Registered Member
Well just think, if we get robots to replace human jobs, just think how the economy will plummit.


Registered Member
that is why one is much safer or better off taking a job that is very much inclined to the arts like creative writing, photography, painting, theater acting, etc.