Human Forum Behavior

So I got bored and wanted to find out something about human behavior in forums, I've grouped it into 4 categories, answer with which one you do most often.

A) Read the entire forum, every post, and then post your own
B) Read the first page, the last page, and then post your own
C) Read the main post and post your own opinion
D) Other - explain.

The logic behind it is that some people want other people to read their opinion, but don't read other people's opinions. So all in all, if a majority of people don't read other people's opinions, then our opinions on the internet have actually lost even more value. :D


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For me it depends on how many post have been made so far. If there is a lot of them I typically read the main post and then state my opinion on it. If there isn't too many post I'll read through the entire topic and still state my opinion but at least I'll know what kind of minefield I could be walking into.


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I usually tend to read the entire thread. But my decision changes slightly when there's a fucktonne of pages. If it's a debate of some sort, or something similar, then I'll try to read every post. If, however, it's just random nonsense, or a posting game of some sort, then I'll read the first page to get the general idea, then skip to the last page to see what's what.

Exception for this forum's Random Thought Thread. I read every post there, regardless.


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If it's a real long posts then I'll read a few pages, and when it gets to the point where pretty much replies are quoted then I'll stop reading through it and add my opinion. The only time I'll go through the whole long message is it's when it's a topic that I'll enjoy to the fullest.


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I do whatever comes to mind. If there is a hell of a lot of post. I don't read them all. On the other hand. If I like what the topic is asking, I'll read the whole topic.
If I'm going to post in a thread, 99% of the time I read every single post already made before replying to it myself.

I hate asking questions or bringing up points if it's already been asked/done, but even if it's not a discussion thread (rather, something like; 'what colour are your socks' haha) I'll still read everything.

I read a lot of threads that I don't respond to, as well. Especially in the section that I currently moderate but elsewhere too. Basically, I have too much time on my hands. :lol:

tl;dr: A

edit: oh btw, we do already have a thread similar to this which might be helpful to you but I'm not sure if I'll be able to find it..


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I will read the first couple of posts and then the posts of people I get a long with to see what they say, but other than that I skim the thread and go down to post my reply.


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A) Read the entire forum, every post, and then post your own
I used to do this when I was a moderator. I read every post here and replied only if I had something to add.
B) Read the first page, the last page, and then post your own
I'd say I do this about 30% of the time. I have the number of posts for a page set as high as it will go. Normally I'm already reading a thread before it gets beyond two pages.
C) Read the main post and post your own opinion
That's about 50% of my posts. I do this for a lot of threads where it's "What do you do.." or "What do you think of.." kind of things where the OP is asking you to share your opinion.
D) Other - explain.
I'm pretty selective on threads these days. I pick through new posts for the most part for stuff that looks interesting. When I'm out looking to post I'll open everything from new posts and then see what's worth replying to.