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New Member
Hi, I am 17 and from the UK. I joined here because I am bored.

Interests: Art and philosophy mainly


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome, Goat...this is the place to be when you're bored. Great people and a lot to discuss.

What kinds of art/philosophy interest you the most, as far as periods or categories?


Registered Member
Hi and welcome. Interesting that you like philosophy. Share your thoughts!


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the forums young and easily manipulable mind, please enjoy your stay in the thunder dome. refreshments and snacks are to be kept outside of the dome. Thank You!



Registered Member
I'll prolly c u in the art section but def not in philosophy, that sounds too much like school. :lol: But you def wont be bored very long here cause there's tons of awesome topics on about everything. Oh, hello and welcome to GF! :D


New Member
Thanks for the welcomes everyone :)

I'm interested in 'modern' art, so interesting stuff after the awesomeness of Francesco Goya. My favourite artist has to be Francis Bacon, the man has had a massive influence on my own painting. I particularly like the paintings produced by the early 20th century avant-garde (stuff around the wars), especially the German expressionists of the Weimar period and the Surrealists.

As far as philosophy goes, I'm interested in any branch apart from philosophy of religion (unless a discussion is looking at a religious organisation as an institution with vast power over society). I'm really bored of the old 'does God exist' debate. Though I would like to know about philosophy of maths/science and formal logic, I simply don't know enough yet to discuss them.


Registered Member
Wow! You have an awesome background in art and philosophy. I dont know much about the second subject (yet) but yeah, I like that thing about religion and control (vast power). I've heard convo about that here at home & at this forum.
Very glad you joined! There's lots of members here who talk about things like that.
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