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Hugely Popular Games You've Never Played


I also never got into League or DoTA and I see people losing their shit over those games. I guess it's a good thing I never did.
I've never played DOTA, but a few friends did start me off playing League a while ago. I played maybe 10 or so matches all up, and just couldn't take it. It was essentially doing the same thing over and over on repeat, and while I can appreciate how much skill and effort goes in to mastering the game it just wasn't that fun for me to play.


Problematic Shitlord
Yeah it can be rough when the game is saturated with demigods. For me, that's Minecraft too. I love to fuck around and do nothing productive in the game because watching all these Level 100 Bricklords building small universes just shuts me off.


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Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid would probably be the two biggest, or any Playstation Exclusive for that matter lol


rainbow 11!
Biggest one for me is probably Mass Effect. I keep trying but I just can't get past the first few hours of the first game, it's like fucking dental surgery for me.

I also never got into League or DoTA and I see people losing their shit over those games. I guess it's a good thing I never did.
God! Me too. I have all three games. I know if I can push past that part I will love the game. I loved the first dragon age game.

For me it's all of the sports games. NFL, NBA, fifa, whatever. I hate them. Some other notable ones would be counterstrike, WoW, LoL, and.... Battlefield! I do have one of the battlefield games on the Xbox but I got it for free with gold and I haven't played it yet.


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The two that come to mind right away are The Last of Us and the Uncharted series.


- Uncharted
Whaaaaat!? Get you life together! Haha.

You're really missing out on a great series. Great characters, great stories and just a lot of fun. Think the Tomb Raider reboot just, well, better (and with a dude). Haha.


Sally Twit
I haven't played any new games in 3 years or something. It makes me sad actually because gaming used to be such a big part of my life. I play old school games from time to time (e.g. Sonic, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage) but I just don't get excited at the thought of playing games any more. I must be getting old.


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The only way to make this interesting is to go through a list of classic Nintendo brand games and list all the ones that would potentially take away my credibility as a former (and hopefully future) bad game reviewer. Thankfully, the embarrassment factor for me is taken away by the fact that my substitution of game time for film production skill development time gives me an acceptable excuse, and I'm mainly a stuntmaker, so the reviewer aspect is not important. That said, here's the most shocking list (for me) of games I've never played from IGN's classic game list. My old audiences would cringe at this list:

Anything in the Donkey Kong Country series.
Anything Kirby (except maybe WATCHING at a friend's house when i was little)
Any Zelda games beyond A Link to The Past

(that's right... FEEEEEL the ouch!)

Any Mario games featuring Luigi (when did THAT start happening???)
Anything Metroid beyond the original Metroid for NES
Anything Pokemon beyond Red and Blue for color gameboy
Anything Mario Kart beyond the N64 version
Anything with this "Banjo" character (apparently there were several and I have no idea who he is)

Wow, that wasn't as bad as I thought. There was no Contra on the list, though I might have briefly played it just a smidgoen of time somewhere.

Also never played anything beyond the first Dragon Warrior for NES.
Anything sports beyond 1999. And I mean like ALL sports, except maybe one of the early FIFA games at a friend's house.
Also none of the Mario sports spinoffs aside from Smash Bros, and Mario Tennis, including any "mini-game-like" Mario/Wario/or other stuff.

Also no Wario stuff beyond some thing on gameboy about "6 coins" or something.
IGN needs a better list. There's more than that.