Huge Tag/Artwork Update! Beware you dial-up users!!


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Well um.....I've improved since my last tag update^_^;

Since I do owe some of you some tags....I made sure that some of these are free, just gotta remember if I still have their PSD's and what not to change the names >.>;

One thing though, if you ever read this Jeanie then you get first pick of which ever one you want, even if you want one. I could never find a good Red Wings render and I feel so bad about that too ;_; Well anyway here are the tags from oldest to newest:

Some of these were for a school artbook by the way^_^; Forgot to say that up top! Reason why two of them have poems. One was by me and the other by a classmate named Harmony, her poem was RANDOM I tell ya >.>;