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Movies Huge Mafia Movie Stars Circling The Irishman


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
411mania.com: Movies - [Movies] Huge Mafia Movie Stars Circling The Irishman

This sounds like an incredible idea. I know the last time DeNiro and Pacino teamed up together was a huge let down, but I believe this one could have major potential. I've always been a fan of Joe Pesci and I believe he could add a lot to the film. I really hope this happens.


still nobody's bitch
That sounds like it could be really good, but it also runs the risk of becoming a caricature of a mob movie - a little too much of a good thing.


This definitely sounds like something I'd be interested in. I love the Mafia almost as much as I love zombies. Haha. It'd definitely be great if they got Pesci, I miss seeing him in movies. I'll definitely keep an eye on this. I hope he gets Frank Vincent to star in it, I think he easily in the top 3 for actors who play an amazing mobster.