"Huge Embarrassing Failure"


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Name your last "Huge embarrassing failure" .

We are looking for some biggies if you got them.

My last one was an interview over the phone back in october.

I had 2 interviews on the phone that day. One in the morning one in the afternoon.

I get the call in the morning go through 1/2 the interview the HR person and then realized I mixed up the firms.

Me - "I think I would be a great asset to your 'insert incorrect accounting firm here' here is why I am..."

Firm Rep- "Wait...we are "Insert correct accounting firm here"."

Me- "Oh."

That's my most recent. Yeah the interview kinda trailed off from there...
I was firing a bow and arrow.

I hit rocks

They sparked

Lit a small fire.


Fire got bigger

Loled harder

Firer got biger

Screamed really loud and got the hose.

thank god nothing burned down


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Chivalry project. We had lords and maidens. We had to exchange gifts. I called my maiden a lord.

2nd worst screw up in my class though.

One girl actually said the wrong name.

Class called for a joust, but it didn't happen.


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I told my professor my name because he wanted to learn all our names and when he came around and tried to guess it again I made the dumbest face and stuck my two thumbs up and he never lets me live it down and it is a constant source of embarrassments.
How I Changed My Major: A Play in Three Acts

Act I

Me:*walks into first O-Chem class* Hey! An old British professor! I'm sure he is very knowledgeable and wise!

Professor: Carmen reminds me of the opera!


Professor: Benzene!...*stares off blankly for two minutes*


Professor:*snapping back* ...Benzene!
*hits head on overhead screen*

Me: *passing final easily, along with class* Well I'm glad that was over with.

Act II

Me: *walking into second class in O-Chem series* Time to put my knowledge from last quarter to use!

Second Professor: This should be familiar from last quarter.

Me: What the fuck is that thing?

Second Professor: Know this perfectly, backwards and forwards! No partial credit!

Me: Fuck...
*fails miserably*


Me: Time to retake the second O-Chem with a professor that isn't impossibly hard!
*walks into second class in O-Chem series...again*

Third Professor: You should know this from the first class.

Me: Seriously, what the fuck is that?

Third Professor: I should mention that I curve so that the highest grade is a 100%, and I offer extra credit.

Me: Uh...ok...thats reasonable...I guess...

Third Professor: Speaking of curves, here are the 50 honors students that will be raping yours by getting over 100% on everything!

Me: Fuck...
*fails miserably*

Me: Hmm...Human Nutrition in industry sounds like an exciting, O-Chemless major!