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They are basically trying to eliminate illegal aliens from our society and are also punishing anybody helping them in any way.

My thoughts...I think that this will benefit America in that more jobs will be available etc etc...but I don't think this is totally the right way to do things. It is actually pretty racist and has angered and is angering a LOT of people. I think hell will break loose if this is passed. People are already flocking in protest in places. At my school there are pins that everyone is wearing saying "Stop HR4437"


La Coquette
I feel that this act also goes to far. No doubt there needs to be reform but as a country based on allowing immigrants to enter and settle here making this country their own they are taking it to the extreme. I feel we need better border patrol and checking of cargo holds from countries that are known to supply illegal immigrants (if there is a reasonable suspicion). But how to fund it and get this started is well something they need to think of. This act will punish a lot of people and make this issue even worse and possible make a lot of people resent an already resentable government!

I would stop this act. I do want to see the increase of illegal immigrants stop but I hope they would do something to actually stop them from coming in. Not punishing them and their helpers after they have made it onto our soil.

+karma Blur


The patrol we have is pretty vigorous. The news shines light on the holes in our security, but the precautions we do manage to take of are more then useful. At my school, we have a news broadcasting we watch every morning, called "channel 1 news". It's created for HS students, but the information provided is very useful and accurate. One of the programs introduced the precautions taken by border patrol, and the inspections seemed affective (several hundred immigrants are caught trying to cross the border daily).
The terror threat has people freaked out about the boarders. Personally I don't have time to worry about these issues;

A) I cant do jack shit about terror threats
B) I don't give a fuck if immigrants want MY job, they're not going to get it. Being educated + an actual American citizen, I don't see how they can manage to pose a threat in the job world.

Personally if people would like to come here and raise their families, i'd like to turn my head.


Likes snow
Really, Illegal aliens usually aren't taking American's jobs. They take jobs that Americans won't take, jobs that involve high amounts of manual labor for a low pay, like roofing or working on farms.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I really don't understand this subject, can you explain it to me a little more, so I do understand, it's not that you wern't descriptive it's just I don't really get it.


I really disapprove of the illegal immigrants in the US, but I dont think anyone should be eliminated. To enter this country I believe there should be a series of trials one must do, including testing their knowledge and criminal background checks in their native area.
This does indeed sound very racist. There is a difference between a social reform policy and just eliminating immigrants.


Vince Carter said:
I really don't understand this subject, can you explain it to me a little more, so I do understand, it's not that you wern't descriptive it's just I don't really get it.
Basically, an organization was formed, which uses harsh methods to prevent illegal immigrants from living in the US.

A.M. Radio

Okay, does anybody want to know just how far this goes?

Churches can be punished for helping illegal immigrants. If an Illegal immigrant is in a church shelter, the church is accountable.

But the US's policy towards immigrants is screwed up anyway. Aren't we doing anything about those damn rednecks who sit by the border and shoot to kill anyone who tries to cross? Isn't that murder?

Or how about, instead of punishing people who simply want better lives, punish the major corporations that hire illegal immigrants and destroy american jobs?

And when we do that, let's make citizenship easier to obtain. If the people who come in are American Citizens, then we won't lose jobs. Hiring the immigrant, or hiring the naturally born citizen will be based on skill, not based on hiring the cheaper employee.

Father Frank, a priest I admire very much, is opposing this new ruling, and trying to get everyone in the church to as well. For two reasons: He does not want the government interfering with his homeless shelter, and because now a parishioner's pregnant wife must be sent away. I personally thought if you were married to a citizen you get your citizenship, but the thing is she did come in under forged papers. However, she gets her citizenship through marraige anyway, right? Or at least that's Father Frank's perspective.

That and it's wrong to ship somebody's pregnant wife back to Mexico.


I share what I believe is the general consensus, that something does need to be done about illegal immigration, but that this is far too harsh. I'm confused though... how is it racist? Is it not giving equal treatment to all illegal immigrants or something? (I didn't read some of the article because it's loooong and not very interestingly written).


I love how such a big point is missed in this disscussion... What is the US doing with a 3rd world nation bordering it? I have a pet economic theory that having a prosperous area will result in there being decidely un-prosperous regions nearby... But the US should have decided some time ago to take Mexico and make it a bearable place to live. Its not as if raising the quality of life there does not have serious benefits for ourselves, for example if they have health care, diseases won't break out in Mexico, and put the US at risk. Or raising their quality of life would result in higher wages for the area, raising the wage floor for the Americas. Raising their quality of life would also reduce crime for us. The list goes on.